What’s Your Method for Getting Things Done?

Task management can make or break your day! Doing it right is one of the most crucial things you can work on in your professional career.

  1. Get Fit
  2. Organize Life
  3. Help Someone
  4. Build a Business

All great things, but none of these belong on a task list. On the other hand these “goals” would be a better accomplished by creating sub-lists. Sub-listing only one deep will not only help you work on the goal of “Organize Life” but keep your to-do’s simple and obtainable.

Goal = Organize Life

  1. Simplify Workspace
  2. Digitaize Paper Notes
  3. Install Clear App or GTasks
  4. Read this Blog Post
  5. Trade Cat in for a Dog

OK I threw that last one in there to see if you were reading.

Let’s focus on #2 and #3 which to me personally are a new, exciting change.

Digitizing your notes (provided you use paper still) has become easier over the last few years with iPads, iPhones and Whiteboard Photo Apps. By doing this you will not only eliminate the clutter of sticky notes, you can build a searchable environment that can be translated easily into action (good ol’ copy & paste).

Installing an app like Clear (my new personal favorite) or GTasks (syncs with Google tasks) is the extra digital top-of-mind-ness that makes this all work! It’s one thing to have your notes consolidated in a digital format, but making them actionable by setting the daily to-do’s is what it’s all about.

What’s your method for getting things done?

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