Thunder Dogs

I wish my dogs had superpowers.  Like eye lasers to melt the snow off my drive way or paw power rays that disintegrate their poo in the backyard.  But I’ve resigned myself to the fact that they are not superheroes. In fact, they’re quite the opposite.

This past winter, I was going out to shovel some snow recently, but came back in when I almost was struck by lightning. (Yes, a thunderstorm with lots of lightning in February.) Once inside, Lazy was noticeably anxious. Whenever there is a thunderstorm, Lazy freaks out. On the other hand, Fat-head doesn’t even have a clue that there is a storm and will even go outside where he could get zapped.

In business, there will be storms – they’re unavoidable. The important thing is how you respond.  The way Lazy and Fat-head respond are not good examples. It doesn’t help to freak out and become frozen, unable to even function like Lazy. But it’s also not advisable to be oblivious or ignore them like Fat-head. If you respond in either of these ways, when they hit, you will probably tend to have a knee jerk reaction.  Instead, take some time to access the situation and then problem solve. One thing Lazy does that is helpful is finding someone in our family to ride the storm out with. Similarly, a good thing to do is talk to friends and business people who can give you perspective in the storm.

It’s important to realize that the thunderstorms won’t last forever, just for a season (especially if the thunderstorm is in the middle of winter). Once the lightning flashes and thunder bombers stop, Lazy pants heavily and is just relieved it’s over. Once your storm is over, take a deep breath (or pant if you want) but also take a look back, learn from it and make adjustments accordingly.  And if you see a forecast for “bad weather” on the horizon, don’t call 800-THUNDERDOGS. You’ll just hear heavy breathing on the other end.

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