The Elephant In The Room

Have you ever felt like you just didn’t fit in? Here’s my recent story…for years I was the go-to person in my position when I dealt with more traditional media…print. I knew it! And I knew it well! The good ole fashioned world of reading the paper….the tangible item that gave you black fingertips, that good ole present delivered to your door step full of news that you could cozy up with on the couch with a cup of coffee made from your Mr. Coffee machine. (Not a one cup Keurig.) But print is a changing world so I decided to make a change too.

After 19 years in that traditional media business I moved to a more forward thinking, technology and social media driven agency. I wanted to sell something new so I was hired to *sell*. Easy Schmeezy! I’ve done that my entire life. I don’t really need to know all that “other stuff”…or so I thought.

I have surrounded myself with a great group of brilliant Generation X people. They are brilliant! They write programs, they develop websites, they produce video, they create things, they use big words I’ve never heard of…because I don’t think those words existed when I was in college. They do stuff I don’t even know about!  And now for the first time in my adult life I feel *older*.  I actually don’t feel OLD…just *older*.  Not because of my selling skills but because of all this “other stuff” I’m not too familiar with. Now they are making me “blog”….blog? “You want me to WHAT?”

A whole new world has been opened up to me and I have to confess I’m not so certain about it at times. Blogging, twitter, facebook (ok, I have facebook down on a personal level…though my kids would disagree!). So you are reading my first attempt at a “blog” or as I like to call it… “bbbllllaaaaaaggg” (picture your finger down your throat as you say that!) (is this a blog? Seems like a paragraph to me.)  So join me as I embark on my forthcoming journey at learning this “other stuff” that these 20 and 30 year old kids seem to have come out of the womb knowing! (I think their genetic makeup differs from us Baby Boomers.) So here I go, stay with me, learn with me…I’ll break this baby down so it’s English, and easy to understand. Maybe you’ll decide you want to discover and embrace this wonderful world of new technology…or you may just decide no thanks man, I’m staying where I am!

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