Technology Fast, People Slow

Although technology doubles every year, most humans just can’t keep up. If you are looking for a marketing, selling and communication solution for wide populations*, we’ve got four easy steps to follow to allow you to teach others how to stay ahead of advances in technology.

So… what does this mean to you?

While using technology can get us over some really big hurdles and make our lives better with more efficiency and more time savings; not everyone can grasp it or build it into their lifestyle of habit.

It takes most people more time than expected when it comes to adapting new technologies. Some folks fight it the whole way, refusing to accept or use technology unless forced into it – like paying at the pump, receiving paperless statements sent direct to email or using an app for a new service. Yes, while some can grasp and accept it faster than the General Lee (swell Dukes of Hazard reference), it takes most people longer to catch on.

So what to do about this? How can we help those technically challenged benefit from the wonderful world of technology?

1. Keep it simple. (If your mom can’t understand it, it’s too complicated.)
2. Keep it in front of them. (You must offer it to them multiple times, give them opportunities.)
3. Keep showing the benefits. (If they see others using it, they will feel more comfortable.)
4. Keep the residual effect. (Keep them coming back. create something of value that is used more than once. use it once and forget how to use it. use it daily and it becomes a part of us.)

Keep these ideals in mind when looking for relevent ways to sell or serve clients, patients, customers, etc.

Here are a few technology examples that have helped many people take some big strides ahead.

Fandango -
Starbucks App -
Weatherbug -
Mint App -

*(Not always the case with niche or narrow targeted groups.)

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