Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Being the old dog in the office I’ve had to learn a lot of new tricks as technology is forever changing and always improving. The days of being the old dog and knowing a few tricks like rolling over and playing dead just don’t cut it anymore.

To keep up with the young pups in your life check out this guide: Staying Connected Technology Options for Older Adults. The guide will give you an overview on text messaging, e-mail, Facebook, Skype, blogging, YouTube, instant messaging and Twitter. While I’m not an expert in any of these ways of keeping connected I’ve enjoyed learning how technology can help you keep connected with the important people in your life or help you reconnect with people from your past.

Now that I’ve written my first blog I hope the young pups will throw me a bone and let the old dog take care of his day to day duties of keeping all the young pups in line and out of the dog pound.

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. ~Author Unknown

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