Pimp my Chrome: Chrome for Designers

I remember a time when I used to stitch together screenshots of a long webpage in Photoshop to get a “screenshot” of an entire webpage. I recall wondering about what font or color was being used on a page and settled on guessing. And don’t get me started on previewing a different font and color for <h1>.

Since Chrome and it’s wonderful extensions, I have been able to pimp my Chrome and I have been pimping other people’s Chromes ever since. Now it’s your turn! Here is a list of not only the coolest extensions and apps for designers, but also for productivity. For those of you not using Chrome as your default browser, we pity you.

awesome-screenshot Awesome Screenshot
Awesome Screenshot gives the option of capturing page region, visible content, or the whole page. Then you can mark up and annotate your capture. If that’s not enough, you can save it to an online backup, share via social networks, or send it to someone via URL.

eye-dropper Eye Dropper
This tool works just like it would in any design software. Simply “pick” the color you want from a webpage and it gives you its hex and RGB color codes. It also saves your recent color pickings!

whatfont WhatFont?
Never guess on a font again. Nor have to open up developer tools and navigate to the CSS to identity a font. Simply hover over the font in question and WhatFont tells you what it is.

measureit MeasureIt
Pretty straightforward: use this browser ruler to measure pixel dimensions of whatever you want.

lastpass LastPass
We have more important things to do than try to recall usernames and passwords. Now you only have to remember one. Not only does LastPass allow you to save usernames and passwords, it saves multiple logins per website, auto fill, and auto login. Access your logins from any computer even your smartphone via the app. Go directly to a webpage that has a saved login and LastPass will automatically sign you in on page load. But LastPass is just getting started. It also allows you to share logins with others, with the option for them to not see your password.

remember-the-milk Remember the Milk App
This is one of the best task management tools out there. I previously used Evernote, but it was overwhelming and not as intuitive. You can easy add new task, set due dates, priority, tags, and even share them with others. You can also add links to a task, which I personally use to link to my Trello project cards. One of the most useful things about this extension is its integration with Gmail. By having it integrated with my Gmail sidebar, I can quickly add a new task after I received an email about it. What makes it even more awesome is the mobile app, where I can access and edit my tasks from everywhere. 

chrome-time-track Chrome Time Track
Great for tracking hours spent on projects. Simple and light. Quickly add tasks and start the counter to keep track of hours. Pause counter and have multiple counters going at once.

my-trello-cards  My Cards for Trello
View a list of your Trello boards (aka design projects) and access them in a snap.

session-manager Session Manager
Have a lot of tabs and windows open and you want to be able to access the session at another date (without bookmarking every single one)? Save and name your session for your convenience at a later date.

window-resizer Window Resizer
Test how a website will look on a tablet, smartphone and different screen resolutions. With one click, set your browser to a specific resolution. Choose from predefined resolutions or create your own.

google-font-previewer Google Font Previewer
Preview a font from the Google Font Directory in addition to a few styling options without having to open developer tools.

addblock AdBlock
Even as an Advertising Art Director, ads can get annoying. But now I can turn on ad block as desired to remove them.

view-image-info View Image Info
Right click an image and select “view image info” to get image properties including dimensions, URL, file size, and file type.

skip-ads-on-youtube Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block
We all need some creative inspiration now and then. And what better then a little YouTube entertainment. This time, let’s skip the ads.

dribbble Dribbble Shortcut
“The Twitter for designers.” Access dribble in just one click.

chrome-to-phone Google Chrome-to-Phone
Sorry iPhone users. Chrome-to-phone allows you to send a webpage to your android phone instantly. A real time saver!

xmarks Xmarks Bookmark Sync
Got a lot of bookmarks? Ya, me too. Save all your bookmarks by syncing them to a free online host. Then you can download them on any computer, anywhere!

xmarks Pocket
So a friend sends you links to some great design articles, but you don’t have time to read them now and you don’t want to bookmark all of them. You just want them stored in a place to read them later. Thanks to Pocket, in just one click you can add articles, videos, and pictures to your “pocket” to read them later from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Anywhere, anytime.

dropbox Dropbox App
Access your Dropbox files in just one click. P.S. if you not using Dropbox, you should be. Upload files, and access them from anywhere. Even share them with others from your smartphone.

drag2up drag2up
Share files by simply dragging and dropping the file from your computer onto the form you would like to add the file to. Then, drag2up will upload the file to a host (such as Dropbox) and insert a link in its place. Nifty!

clearly Clearly
I like this one because, when I read an article, I like to read the article and not be bombarded by everything else happening on the page.

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