Heifer Knee Caps

My pups, Fat-head and Lazy, love treats and their latest fav is heifer knee caps.  Heifer knee caps are naturally baked and full of natural smoked flavor.  They provide additional hygiene and immune system benefits they can satisfy the need to chew.

For the dog duo, it’s important that they eat good vittles for their health.  The same is obviously true for us. Eating right is important if we want to be healthy.  But the same is true for the intake into our ears; this has the same impact on our optimistic health. If we listen to people who are pessimistic, it definitely impacts our optimistic health.  Likewise, if we chew on online content that is narrow minded or simplistic, it is not of much benefit to our “vision” health.

On the other hand (or heifer knee), if we hang out with peeps that are visionary and consume content that is rich in nutrients, it greatly helps our strategy health.   Recently, an old friend who is a visionary (with a track record of success to back it up) was in town for a few days.  I had the chance to hang out with him and my optimistic, “vision” and strategy health has greatly improved.  He helped me to get out of the day-to-day thinking and focus more on the overall vision of the business.  This is very important for any business owner/manager, to not just work in the business but on the business.

For example, early last week a lead came in for a project that in the past we would probably have taken.  But after thinking through our business vision, I let them know we were going to pass on it.  On the other hand, another opportunity came up later in the week that could turn into a long term, returning client. For this, we’re going to take some time to strategize how best we can help them meet their objectives for the long haul.

Hanging out with nourishing peeps will improve our optimistic, vision and strategy health.  If we all do this and chew on heifer knee cap opportunities, we will see the businesses experience, creative hygiene and strategic immune system benefits.

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