Haiku. Haiku Very Much!

Sometimes a long, drawn-out blog post is not nearly as refreshing as a short and simple one. And what is more pure than the far east form of poetic expression that is Haiku? Not much. Without further ado here’s some work related poems for ya’!

Haiku on Office Situation:
Talent is ample
Office space is limited
Hey! Who took my chair?

Haiku on Royalty Free Music:
Ethereal Sound
Must pay to disable it

Haiku on the Revision Process:
Sublime Editing
The client does not agree
Reluctant changes

Haiku on Career Hazards:
I sit in darkness
Wait! Light comes from overhead
Marc changes the bulb

Haiku on VVI:
Unique Agency
Ideas flow like fine champagne
VVI rocks it!

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