Paper: App Review

Like any good thing, apps seem to be over done! Finding a really useful or great app is getting harder these days. Paying $0 for a really great app is also extraordinary.

Enter Paper: by Fiftythree ( which sets the bar for sketching applications for the iPad. How many times have you pulled up notes on your iPad or iPhone in a meeting to avoid paper? No paper, no doodles! Sometimes you need a solid doodle or stick figure to tell the story, or remember the exact thought.


  1. I believe the most impressive part of this app is the “expressive ink engine” which seems to be magic in the way it handles transforming your swipes and taps into art. The drawing tools all seem to be pressure sensitive, which is cleverly done through timing your touch and movement.
  2. I’m also falling in love with what I’m calling “no navigation UI“, which allows you to tap and pinch to dive farther in and back out of pages in the app (this is becoming the norm.)
  3. Last but not least, sharing with Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter allows you to drop some of your favorite drawings online!


After downloading the app (FOR FREE) I noticed the initial limitation of using a single pen allowing you to “draw”. You can purchase additional tools to “sketch, outline, write, and color” at $1.99 each for a little more artistic freedom. I felt the free pen tool provided was an excellent way to test the drawing capabilities and complete some pretty sweet doodles.

If you are looking for a beautifully designed and useful app for free, install the app here:

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